GLIK-ART has established itself as a premiere illustrating house in Toronto since its formal inception in 1994. The company founder, Alex Glikin, was born in Moscow into a family of artists – he is a fourth generation illustrator. After completing his training in various prestigious schools – such as the Moscow Polygraphic Institute and Art Academy – he began his career as a Staff Artist of Russkyi Yazyk Publishing.
        A few very productive years and many awards later (including the Moscow International Book Fair First Place prize for his “Kids’ Illustrated Dictionary”), Alex was one of the few illustrators from Moscow to begin producing commissioned work for publishing houses all over Europe.

        Since his early start as a Staff Artist, Alex has naturally gravitated toward children’s books. He has always found the greatest reward in producing the creative, colorful and imaginative images that set these types of projects apart from other artistic works. As he admitted in one interview, “Nothing makes me happier than seeing kids flipping through the pages of the book I had illustrated.”
        He lives by his words and has to this day illustrated hundreds of books through GLIK-ART. This creative and challenging field has drawn out the best in him as an artist, but more importantly has kept the big kid inside of him alive.
        Alex lives and works in Toronto with his wonderful family.